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The bet of life: scientific proof that abortion is immoral. 2 million dollars!

The million dollar bet of life

How much is a life worth for you?
Since we can't put a price on life, how about the prize of life?
If it's not worth your time to watch this, how about a million dollars or two?

One million reasons to make an effort: the author bets a million dollars to anyone rationally and scientifically proving pro-life arguments are wrong: any logical person against murder, has no choice but to be against the "choice" of abortion after this information.

Pregnant? Need Help?

Healing After Abortion

The 2 million dollars abortion bet

How much does an abortion cost? At least a human life or two... 
if the mother dies from abortion complications (even if legal), cancer, or commits suicide (post abortion syndrome/remorse):
So the author increases the bet to two million, if somebody also proves that direct abortion is not bad for the mother's life and long term happiness (by "direct" we mean, not an unintended side effect of a dual effect action).

There is only one condition: to refute each argument presented here.

This bet has been first posted on 17 January 2013. Yet, nobody has been able to defeat the logic of life and claim the 2.000.000 dollar prize

Come and get them... but if you don't want to analyze the evidence, at least don't be accomplice to murder in the first degree and voluntary manslaughter:

Freedom is good !

Freedom is not having more options to choose from, but being able to choose the goodest  option, not the best, but the most good, real goodness.
There are 2 types of freedom:
a) the freedom of truth that makes you a better person or
b) the lying half-truth that makes you slave of evil mistakes.
Think about drugs: having more options doesn't really make you free but even more slave from addiction.

Now, turning to the abortion issue: 
  • which choice makes you a better person? 
  • which action is more generous and makes you proud of yourself? 
  • which choice you wouldn't want everyone to know about?

After a human being is conceived, there is only one choice for a baby not loved by the mother: adoption. By adoption we include temporary custody, where the mother chooses who will take care of the baby and when she is ready, if she ever is, she can take the child back.
Murder is no choice.
Adoption, is the option!
choose adoption, not abortion.
choose life, not death!

Pre-natal adoption is a one way to avoid abortion: the adopting parents could provide moral, educational and financial support for the mother at risk.

PLEASE read this

Please never ever support the "pro-choice of murder" movement and politicians such as Obama. In this post, it is proven that if you vote for a political candidate who does not respect human life and dignity, you are not making an ethical and logical vote: you are accessory to murder, whether abortion is legal or not. Not voting or voting in blank is also irresponsible.

Please don't use contraceptives: 
a) IUD and hormonal ones fail and work by killing the already conceived baby, 
b) barrier ones, fail and lead to surgical abortion.

note: majority of aborting women were on contraception.

Please don't use IVF (artificial insemination) and don't support stem cell research with human embryos: both involve murdering fertilized eggs (conceived living human beings) by selection, discarding, freezing to death, experimentation. There are more effective ways to get pregnant through
There are more effective ways of scientific stem cell research without destroying human embryos.

Little time? watch the first video and skip to "Scientific proof".


How can people talk about choice, if they refuse to watch an abortion?
Warning: images with blood and body parts... what else can you expect from murder!

What is the difference between pro-Nazis and pro-choice?


Disclaimer: desire to harm an enemy, for hatred/revenge, is a sin, even if Hitler. Love your enemy.

"Secrets" from abortion provider:
Full documentary (for download): 
In Spanish

3 minutes:
The baby screams inside during abortion (after minute 5:00):
Full documentary (high quality):

The silent scream by Dr. Nathanson

Letter to mom:
Check the above section: healing after abortion!

A woman's issue (United Nations):!

Andrew Klavan: The Hilarious World of Abortion

Bella, the movie (2006, Verástegui). Watch online now for free:

Have You Thought About Adoption?  (2')


Abortion an option?  (2')


She chose life, and years later met her 'decision': her beautiful daughter!


BellaWatch the DVD and discuss with friends:

or watch online now (with your device/phone):

En español

Abortion is compared to a hit and run car 'accident': no child should be left behind.

Scientific proof that procured abortion is immoral

Pro-life logic is unbeatable: the mathematics of abortion

The argument is quite simple and logical:

The unborn child or any other name you want to call it (pre-embryo, fetus, etc.) is:

1. A being: unlike a tumor or organ, is unique and has the potential, to support itself, unless diseases/genetic errors.

2. Alive: the fetus in danger of being aborted is alive, that's the issue. No one ever complained about removing a naturally dead fetus.

3. Human: the has 100% human DNA and the potential to become a mature human being, through uninterrupted continuous natural growth.

4. Sexuated: moments after conception, you would be able to scientifically prove the gender of the unborn child, once the father and mother's chromosomes mix. Each of the unborn boy's cells have XY chromosomes and each of the unborn girls, XX chromosomes (by the way, homosexual chromosomes do not exist). Every single cell in the mother's body has XX chromosomes, even tumors, but she might be carrying an male embryo: his Y chromosomes clearly show he is not a part of the mother's body.
This means that even without implanting in the uterus, you might know if "it" is a boy or a girl. This is one of the reasons, tests to determine the unborn sex (e.g.  ultrasound) are being forbidden in countries with higher female to male abortion rates, like India. Stats and documents show that legal abortion is used for the suppression of what the strong consider the the weak, the unwanted (remember this when listening to "unwanted pregnancy"): women, racial minorities, handicapped, etc.
One of the consequences of post-abortion syndrome is that the mother wishes she knew if she murdered a boy or a girl.

5. Unique: the unborn baby is not an expendable part of the mother's body like a tooth or a tumor. Tooth or tumor DNA derives uniquely from the mother. From conception, the joining of the chromosomes of the mother and father gives the unborn child a unique genetic code, different from the mother, father or anybody else. The baby is as unique as any grown-up could be. Science has recently discovered that even so called identical twins are not biologically identical.

Conclusion A
From conception, the unborn baby (or whatever they want to call it, to disguise the reality of a human baby), at any stage of embryological/gestational development is a living gendered unique human being.
In fact, any cell with the "natural" potential of becoming a human being is an unborn baby.

6. Human beings have a special dignity, different from all other material creatures (there is no issue about the right to live of lice and roaches).

7. Human beings have human rights (recognized by the UN and based on the especial human dignity above all material creatures).

8. The most basic right is the right to live... and this right starts at the very moment life begins. All other human rights depend on life. 

9. Nobody can claim a right more important than life: right to study, right to work, right to go on with my plans without the burden of a baby. Imagine a divorced man who decides to kill his wife and children, just because alimony is a burden to his plans...

10. There is no right to kill an innocent. Intentionally killing an innocent is murder.
Especially with death penalty, humans should be presumed innocent unless proven guilty with the right of due process. Minors are presumed not guilty.

11. The legal right to abuse or dispose of a person like a thing is slavery: check the neo-slavery and sentience sections below.

Conclusion B
Human life should always be protected by law.

Final Conclusion: A + B = C
Since the beginning of life at conception, the unborn baby is a human being with human rights, especially the right to live, which is above all other rights.

Decriminalizing abortion means declaring death sentence on the most innocent and defenseless human being. The unborn children are legally murdered without due process.

If you don't agree with C then you don't agree with conclusion A and/or B.

A. You choose irrationality. You reject science and what you can confirm with your very own eyes: if you don't expect an apple tree from the seed of a palm tree or a monkey from a pregnant elephant, why on earth don't you expect a baby from a human pregnancy?

B. You choose immorality: if you don't respect the life of the unborn baby since conception, you don't have a moral basis to respect the life of the born baby or of a grown-up, because you don't respect human dignity. You are not even complying with two basic ethical rules:

- “don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you” (you wouldn't have wanted your mother to abort you no matter what)

- Categorical imperative (Kant): if society suffers when your moral rule is applied to everyone, then it is immoral. If human life is worth nothing then society turns into chaos (Far West, Colombian sicarios, being shot for a gold ring, being harvested a kidney, etc.)

Abortion contradicts the most basic and elementary ethical rule of not killing innocent human beings. This rule does not come from the law but from the human dignity and the human moral conscience. Abortion is wrong no matter what the law says.

This does not mean we should not care for the mother in desperation and danger of aborting. You cannot solve an injustice (whatever led to an unexpected pregnancy) with even more injustice:
1.      Murdering an innocent human being, in the mother's womb
2.      Ruining the mother’s life:
a.     regret which leads to substance abuse and even OD
b.     severe depression due to the post-abortion syndrome which sometimes leads to suicide (2 lives for nothing)
c.     psychological instability and mental sickness
d.     sentimental instability which leads to high couple rotation
3.      Ruining the life of father, the medical staff and whoever is involved: most suffer depression, substance abuse, phobias, regrets, etc.

8 week aborted pregnancy = an 8 week murdered baby
This baby says: look me in the eye and tell me
you did all you could to prevent my murder. 
How much does an abortion cost? the lives of the baby, the mother, the father, the relatives, the doctors and all the accomplices of murder.

It is important to fight what fuels abortion, for example:

- Barriers to adoption: unnecessary regulations, paperwork, procedures that make it more difficult to leave the child for a) adoption or b) temporary custody or c) pre-natal adoption (which could solve the economic and affective needs of the mother during those tough pregnancy months, without using taxpayers money!). The mother and supporting father should be able to leave the child to whoever they want in the case of temporary custody, and should be able to choose among the pre-selected candidates in the case of full adoption.

- Immoral sex (before and outside marriage): people must know that abortion is the result of sex without true life and lifelong committed love. Except surgery, there is no contraceptive method with 100% effectiveness, there is no such thing as ‘safe sex’, people must know that having sex without being open to life, is playing the Russian roulette with human life, sex outside marriage is irresponsible, not only because contraceptives fail but because contraceptives work by aborting the conceived baby.

Abortion is the fruit of the tree of lust. One of the most effective ways to fight against this genocide is to teach what real love is.

- Sex ed filled with unscientific lies such as "responsible sex", "safe sex", "contraception", "Protect yourself", "Take care of yourself" and omitting failure rates, failure to avoid sex transmitted diseases, abortifacient effects and the most important, what real love is about.
- Sexual and economic exploitation of women. Prostitution and pornography turns most men into sexual beasts unable to control their urges. Men should pay child support for any child resulting from any relationship, even "casual" sex.

- Situations of substance abuse (alcohol and drugs) which leads to the sexual exploitation of women (e.g. passed-out women in parties).

The mother of all injustices

Over 1000 million human lives have been lost because of irresponsible immoral sex, more lives than the sum of all wars and all diseases and plagues in human history.

It is illogical to worry about catastrophes, wars, false global warming, AIDS, malaria, death penalty, ecology, saving the whales, and not caring for the most innocent human being, the most hunted and endangered species: the unborn baby.

Spiritually, the real cause of all injustices is sin, but materially speaking, abortion.

Abortion is the uttermost injustice. There is no other injustice as bad as abortion. There is no other cause as urgent as abortion.

Your prayers, actions and donations should focus against abortion. If abortion is not your priority number one, then you are not being rational. You are deliberately discriminating the innocent unborn children and possible post-traumatized women and men responsible for abortions.

Please donate so we can pay for a site and take this bet to the media.



Refuting Obama, baby enemy number 1

Obama voted in favor of partial birth abortion: taking the body out, and smashing the brains inside.

He says that the State should protect the "unborn baby" the moment it becomes viable, how about before?:

Does it make sense that the law states that personhood begins when technology allows for survival?
So if today science allows a premature baby to survive after 22 weeks of gestation, that's the limit for murder. And if tomorrow we reach 10 weeks, then when does personhood begins for them?

Being forced to be born prematurely harms the baby and if too young, causes his death, with current neonatal care technology, if born before 22 weeks. It's not a moral option. But as a lesser evil, how about banning abortion and allowing premature C-sections with neonatal intensive care and proper burial? In that context there is no need for the mother to "carry" the baby for an extra day and there is no need for abortion. The answer shows that the logic of abortion is the logic of murder.

Obama is saying that certain humans have no rights, are not citizens, just like slavery:
Justice Antonin Scalia made the comparison between Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) and Dred Scott in an effort to see Roe v. Wade overturned:
[D]red Scott...rested upon the concept of "substantive due process" that the Court praises and employs today. Indeed, Dred Scott was very possibly the first application of substantive due process in the Supreme Court, the original precedent for...Roe v. Wade.[25]
Scalia noted that the Supreme Court had no power to legislate, which is that Roe vs. Wade was all about: sanctioning abortion without it being debated by society and Congress.
Scalia noted that the Dred Scott decision, written and championed by Roger B. Taney, left the justice's reputation irrevocably tarnished. Taney, while attempting to end the disruptive question of the future of slavery, wrote a decision that aggravated sectional tensions and was considered to contribute to the American Civil War.[26]
LETTER censored by The New York Times

Re “Putting an Antebellum Myth to Rest” (Op-Ed, page A25, Aug. 2, 2011):

The article states:

“Male slaves had no paternal rights” just as today, males, neo-slaves to the law, have no paternal rights: women can abort without their consent.

“Female slaves were recognized as mothers only to the extent that their status doomed their children’s fate”, just as female neo-slaves are recognized as mothers of human beings to the extent that they can doom the children’s fate... but slave possession is granted ‘only’ to eliminate them as ‘things’, though ‘it’ has unique DNA, different from the mother’s body, and ‘it’ is a living human being with human rights. The final frontier against slavery is the mother’s womb: a territory without freedom to live, without due process in death penalty.

“Though slaves could not marry legally”, just like in the politically correct ‘dictatorcracy’, neoslaves cannot marry legally. We have no right to true indissoluble marriage, no freedom to legally and permanently renounce repudiation/divorce.

+ Prof. Fred Nazar, IMI
Even abortionist Europe has recognized what genetic science always stated: the embryo is a living human living, with certain human rights 

Refuting sentience

As proven above, personhood starts at conception whether the law recognizes it or not. The recognition of personhood and human rights should not depend on the whims of powerful or the ruling majority over the weak, the unwanted, the innocent unborn babies.

Being able to feel and react to pain does not define personhood. If not, anybody could kill you while you are asleep, or drunk, or doped, or under anesthesia, or in coma.

"By 8 weeks after fertilization, the unborn child reacts to touch."

Watch this few weeks unborn baby crying IN THE WOMB:

This unborn baby screams during abortion (after minute 5:00):

What makes a person is not the body, but the immortal soul, which is scientifically proven:
Note: all the scientific arguments against abortion used in this blog had nothing to do with religion, but the scientific proof of God is the strongest of arguments!


Unbeatable readings:

On the feast of St. Anthony abbot, under the patronage of the Holy Family. AMDG

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