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Safe sex: 100% effective

All contraceptives have failure rates: 

Probability of Pregnancy Over Time for Women Whose Sexual Partners Always Use Condoms

of Pregnancy
 1 year
 15 percent
 2 years
 28 percent
 3 years
 39 percent
 4 years
 48 percent
 5 years
 56 percent
 10 years
 80 percent

Recommended source:

Cumulative Probability of Pregnancy Among
Women Using Oral Contraceptives
Period of Pill Use
Probability of Pregnancy
6 months
1 year
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years
7 years
10 years

In summary, if a sexually active girl of 15 starts using the Pill, and uses it continuously, there is a nearly 50 percent chance that she will become pregnant by the time she is 22!
       This statistic is verified by pro-abortionists, including Dr. Christopher Tietze, who said that "within 10 years, 20 to 50 percent of Pill users and a substantial majority of users of other methods may be expected to experience at least one repeat abortion."


Out-of-marriage sex turns the Russian roulette of sexually transmitted diseases and irresponsible pregnancies. 

Contraceptives are a contradiction in terms: they should be renamed impregnatives or pregnaceptives.

Scientifically there is no such thing as "safe sex", except within a healthy married couple.

For instance, HPV (Human Papiloma Virus), which could result in cancer, is only transmitted by sexual area contact and is not prevented by contraceptives.

The false notion of safe sex, results in risk behavior and this means propagating the very things safe sex was supposed to stop: STDs, pregnancies, abortion. 

For instance, studies in many countries proved the causal relationship between the promotion of condoms and the raise of AIDS epidermic.

Harvard AIDS Expert Says Pope is Correct on Condom Distribution Making AIDS Worse:

All scientific studies show that the promotion of contraception results in irresponsible pregnancies and abortion. For instance:

The evidence is clear. All contraceptive sex is irresponsible:

a) Contraceptives are all abortives (except barriers), it's immoral to engage in an activity which sooner or later will kill an innocent child (unborn, but still a human being with human rights). For example, the common "pill" sometimes fail to avoid conception and acts by killing the newly formed human being (who is a person with a different DNA from his parents).
Short video:
Scientific article:

b) Children have the right to be born in a stable loving marriage (between man and woman), not because of failing contraception (cf. rates above).

c) Contraceptives have serious side effects for the woman: cancer, heart problems, blood pressure problems, infertility, etc. READ the package leaflet! 

d) Contraception has been scientifically linked to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (including HIV), irresponsible pregnancies, abortion.

e) Contraception leads to abusing each other, using the other as a disposable thing: science has shown a link between contraception and single motherhood, couple rotation, divorce, domestic violence, depression, anti-depressants, alcohol, drugs, etc.

f) Social consequences of the contraceptive mentality:

Science recognizes there is only one 100% effective safe sex method:
No sex outside a healthy heterosexual faithful marriage.

If you are married and you have a grave reason for delaying a pregnancy, there are two natural moral options which work better than contraceptives (which are deadly carcinogens):
  • Natural family planning
  • Full breastfeeding (no other food to the child)
But first please read this:
The sympto-thermal method (STM) of NFP is as effective as any oral contraceptive:

The rest is irresponsible immoral sex, that harms the couple and innocent people (like the unborn children).

Pregnancies are never "unexpected". What else can you expect of the sexual act and contraceptive failure? 
Pregnancies are never "unwanted": there are thousands of couples waiting to adopt, even for the most handicapped children. As Mother Theresa said: if you don't want them, don't kill them, give them to me and I mean it: give them to me, the author of this article, happily married, with 6 children. God always provides: babies always come with bread (blessings) under the arm (old Spanish saying).

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